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welcome to melbourne's only indoor play centre for dogs

Hey there, furry pals and their two-legged companions! Ever wished for a space where the weather never stops playtime? Introducing Bark Park, the ultimate indoor dog park nestled right in the heart of Moorabbin.

Born from a vision in 2021, when those hot days were too sizzling for our paws and cold rainy days stopped our fetch game right in its tracks.

Bark Park isn’t your average dog park – it’s a pawty, a sanctuary, and a fun-house, all rolled into one! Designed with wagging tails in mind, our space offers an exciting mix of enrichment, socialisation, and activities tailored to make yours, and especially your pup's day just dog-gone fabulous!

With our experienced and professional Dog Groomer onsite your dog will never fret going to the groomer again knowing not only will they feel fabulous they will have fun at the same time!

It's time to unleash some fun whether it's a game of indoor fetch or making new furiends, Bark Park has something for every pup and pup-parent. Dive into a world where tails never stop wagging, and barks echo with joy. 🐕🎉

What is Bark Park???

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