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Welcome to Bark Park!

Henlo Fren,


Have you ever wished for an indoor space where the weather never stops playtime? Step right into Bark Park, the ultimate indoor doggy playground nestled right in the heart of Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. Born from a vision in 2021, when those hot days were too sizzling for our paws and cold rainy days stopped our fetch game right in its tracks. If you've ever planned the pawfect day out only to have Melbourne's unpredictable weather throw you a curveball? Then Bark Park is for you!

Say adios to those hot scorching days where you worry about their tiny paws on hot pavement or the drizzly days when your once clean pupper transforms into a mud monster.

We've been there, done that, and decided, "Enough's enough!"

Bark Park is so much more than just another dog park – it’s a pawty, a sanctuary, and a fun-house, all rolled into one! Designed with wagging tails in mind, our space offers an exciting mix of enrichment, socialisation, and activities tailored to make your pup's day just dog-gone fabulous!

Whether it's a game of indoor fetch or making new fur-riends, Bark Park has something for every pup and pup-parent. With two enclosed play areas we have considered the diverse needs of our smaller doggos and bigger paws. With high, block out fencing across our big barkers space we have considered the needs of our reactive furiends in helping them feel safe and secure so that they can enjoy some off leash fun! The fun doesn't stop there though with an outdoor run Bark Park has water play and zoomies totally pawfected! Now we couldn't bring all the fun for only our favourite tail wagging pals, kick back with a freshly brewed coffee or cold beverage from our Bark Bar and Cafe and treat your pup to a puppycino!


 Come and sniff us out and zoom into a world where tails never stop wagging, and barks echo with joy. 🐕🎉


the bark bath

Bark Park goes beyond the fun of our park and has your Dogs Grooming needs figured out. Welcome to the Bark Bath! Designed to support your dog through play and building the foundations of trust and safety with our grooming expert Bailey. Bailey is an experienced Dog Groomer with a special interest in supporting anxious dogs to build their confidence in the salon creating a fear free environment. Your beloved pet will leave the Bark Bath with positive associations and attachments with our Groomer and environment remembering what a fun time they had!

What you can expect when you bring your Dog to the Bark Bath.

When you bring your dog for a grooming session at The Bark Bath they will enjoy bonding time with Bailey playing and exploring our facility before heading to the salon space. This allows your Dog to build some comfort in an unfamiliar place as well as getting to know their Groomer. This time will also help our Groomer become familiar with your Dog and invites opportunities for paw touching, face pats and increasing familiarity with one another. When your dog is freshly pampered you can bet they will get their fresh zoomies out and will continue to build a positive association with The Bark Bath situated comfortably in Bark Park. While they wait for you to come back and pick them up they will continue to play and rest in our play zones, you can be rest assured they will not be tied up or in a cage whilst waiting for you!

only will your Dog come home clean, they will come home tired and ready to catch some ZZZ's. We are confident your Dog will bound out of the car on their next visit knowing exactly the fun that awaits them behind the bright blue walls!

Our promise to your Dog is that we will always put their comfort before their vanity.

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