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the story of...
bark park

Bark Park is more than just a park! Created by Charnelle, a doting Dog Mum, the idea first sprang to mind on a rainy winter day when one of her Dogs, Kovu was climbing the walls desperate to get out of the house. She found herself googling "indoor dog parks in Melbourne" to keep returning empty searches no matter how she reworded the search. So, the research began, with her mind moving a million miles thinking about all of the possibilities she began to discover that Indoor Dog Parks are a pretty popular thing overseas. That's when she decided she owed it to her fur babies to create a space that was worthy of their energy, happiness and safety. Creating a place where owners could feel relaxed, comfortable and engaged with their Dogs, somewhere that provided stimulation beyond the physical requirements that our canine companions require.


Charnelle is thrilled to share this truely Dog Friendly Indoor Play Centre for Dogs with the dog loving community of Melbourne and cannot wait to meet all of your dogs!

Welcome to Bark Park, Australia's only indoor dog park.


 our Mission

We've created a safe, supervised, clean and protective environment that encourages owners to engage in the the process of play, exploration and training with their beloved dogs. Bark Park is a dynamic space that caters to the diverse needs of our community. Bark Park strives to strengthen the connection between owners and pets.

our vision

To lead the way for truely dog friendly indoor spaces in Australia. Bark Park strives to be the leading destination for canine enrichment and community. Fostering a world where every dog thrives, regardless of the weather or location, their diverse needs or limitations of the standard 9-5 working day. 

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the  bark bath

The welfare of our canine companions is our priority at Bark Park. When Charnelle first told her (very dog loving) family about her idea for Bark Park one of her brothers Bailey came up with the idea to commence his training and become a Dog Groomer. From a young age it was always known Bailey would work with animals and has found his calling in the salon.


Bailey has dedicated the past 3 years to learning about all of the diverse needs our different dogs have from behaviour, coat, health and different needs Bailey is experienced in creating a happy and healthy relationship between your dog and the grooming salon. 


The Bark Bath goes beyond their appointment and establishes positive associations with their attendance at Bark Park. 

the story of...

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